VIDEO: Bettys create the Easter egg to beat all eggs

As Easter approaches and the thoughts of little boys and girls - and anyone else with a sweet tooth - turn to chocloate Easter eggs, Bettys crafts people are busily working on the Rolls Royce of the genre.

As always, the Harrogate-based family firm are preparing a full range of tasty goodies appropriate to the season.

Bettys & Taylors chocolate Easter eggs (s).

Bettys & Taylors chocolate Easter eggs (s).

Pride of place this year, however, is going to a new, limited edition Chocolatier’s Egg.

Made from 1.3kg of high quality Grand Cru Swiss dark chocolate, Bettys like to think of it as the connoisseur’s Easter egg.

Decorated with hand-piped Royal icing roses, it stands an impressive 28cm high and weighs a formidable 1.3kg.

A Bettys spokesperson said: ”Creating the handcrafted Easter eggs at Bettys calls upon our artisan chocolatiers’ utmost skills but it’s our finest quality Grand Cru chocolate that ensures each egg tastes every bit as spectacular as it looks.”

There is one added twist to Bettys’ latest creation, one which anyone who was entranced by ships in a bottle as a child will recognise.

Skilfully hand-cut holes offer a tantalising glimpse inside the Chocolatier’s Egg.

What the view reveals is another hand-decorated milk chocolate egg inside which shimmers in a golden fashion.

As for the price tag for this Mona Lisa of Easter eggs, that’s something readers will have to also find out for themselves.