Twinning work experience

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Wetherby is getting a helping hand thanks to the twin town of Privas.

Undergraduated Antony Exbrayat, from the French town, is on a month-long work experience placement with the West Yorkshire local authority.

Antony, who will head hom on June 18, said: “It is always interesting to see how things happen in a foreign country. Above all, what I wanted to do was improve my level of English and there is no better way to do that than a total immersion.

“I am really happy to be here and am looking forward to carrying on this wonderful experience.”

He compared his home town with its twinned partner: “Privas is a little town south of Lyon which contains about 9000 inhabitants.

“Just as Wetherby, it is a rural and quiet place, which has become well known thanks to its speciality “Le Marron Glacé” (a sweet confectionary treat).

“In 1992, Privas and Wetherby became twin towns, and now foster strong relationships.

Antony said he found the work placement through the twinning association in Privas and Chairman of the Wetherby Twinning Association Cindy Bentley.

“Thanks to Cindy I have also found a family which is able to provide accommodation for me during this period.

“I am hoping to gain many things from this journey. First of all, I am happy to participate in the maintenance of the links between our two towns.

“Furthermore, I am here to discover the British culture, the customs, the work environment etc.”

Antony is helping with the maintenance of some of Wetherby Town Council’s open green spaces.

Wetherby and Privas were twinned in 1992. Official visits take place every two years, although many private informal visits happen on a more frequent basis.

The twinning has forged long-standing friendships.