No escape from Brexit at Hallowe’en

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There’s no escaping the Brexit nightmare at an award-winning Wetherby visitor attraction.

New scary rooms have been unveiled for Hallowe’en in the Victorian Farm House in a dark corner of the Stockeld Park estate.

“Perhaps worst of all has been the sudden appearance of The Brexit Room, an infernal recess from which there is no escape,” said a spokesman for the venue.

The Farm House was Winner of Europe’s best new scare attraction at the Scare Awards in 2017 and finalists in 2018.

George Grant, Estate Manager at Stockeld Park, said: “The Farmhouse is where nightmares begin. It is truly a scary experience.

“Past visitors have had pretty extreme reactions. The smell, décor, light and surprises lying in wait are the scariest experience we’ve ever created.

“This isn’t for the light-hearted and we do have restrictions in place.”

Only the brave are allowed access. Children under 17 will need to be accompanied by an adult on site, and those with heart problems or who are pregnant are advised to stay away.

The Haunted House is one of a series of bespoke events for Stockeld Park’s Fright Nights hosted on October 29-31, from 6-10pm.

Other freakish frights include ‘The Shooting Dead’, where survivors must take their chances inside the ‘quarantined zone’ as a gang of zombies hide undercover in the laser arena with the intention of infecting visitors with their deadly virus.

An Ice Fright skate disco brings a DJ bloodbath on the ‘decks of death’ as the ice rink offers the chance to show off fright-full moves during this October’s Fright Nights at Stockeld Dark.