Harrogate Competitive Festival 2015: Weekend Two results

Performers in the Young Musician Singer (Year 13 & under) Competition (for the Selway Trophy), Tom Jansen & Bethan Terry with the Adjudicator Dr Vivien Pike (s).
Performers in the Young Musician Singer (Year 13 & under) Competition (for the Selway Trophy), Tom Jansen & Bethan Terry with the Adjudicator Dr Vivien Pike (s).
  • Second week of competition
  • Harrogate wins stack up
  • Audience stunned by Cantonese performance

The second weekend of the Harrogate Competitive festival for Music, Speech and Drama saw a selection of musical theatre items, performed exuberantly by three local groups.

Although Knaresborough and Collingham were also well represented, winners based in Harrogate were in the ascendency this weekend and one of those, Nancy Song, surprised her audience by performing a folk song perfectly in Cantonese.

The Old Tyme Music Hall Song class was the highlight of Saturday evening. Over the weekend several performers were successful in more than one class.


Silver Rose Bowl: Kitty Watson, Knaresborough & Bethan Terry, York, Equal First

Selway Trophy for Young Musician of the Festival, Singer: Bethan Terry, York

Old Tyme Music Hall Song: Elin Gilbert, Leeds & Lucy Sherman, Harrogate, Equal First

Verse speaking: 6 (Class 1): Elizabeth Bromiley, Harrogate; 6 (Class 2): Gabriel Dainty, Harrogate; 7: (Gardner Trophy): Zak Kennedy, Harrogate; 7: Edward Hall Cup): Victor Johnson, Knaresborough; 8: Hattie Attwood, Knaresborough; 9 (Vera Broadburn Cup): Gwen Ihde, Harrogate; 9 (Croft’s Cup): Holly Bletcher, Harrogate; 10 (Jane Long Trophy): Saskia Steca, Knaresborough; 10 (Barnes Shield): Thomas Jackson, Knaresborough; 11: Emily Belcher, Knaresborough; Reading: Age 9 & under: Elizabeth Wilson, Knaresborough; Prepared Reading: Age 9 & under: Flossie Attwood, Knaresborough; 10 & 11: Leah Osborn, Knaresborough; Solo Acting: Age 11 & under: Niamh Boyle, Knaresborough; Acted Scene 2-4 members: Age 11 & under: Elisia Spears & Sarah Waghorn, Harrogate; 13 & under: Lily Golden & Grace McNerney, Harrogate; 15 & under: Sam Daltry & William Jackson, Knaresborough; Group Drama 5 or more players: Age 11 & under: Highfield HLC Prep 6, Harrogate; Group Speaking 10 or more speakers: Age 8 & under: Highfield HLC Prep 4, Harrogate; 10 & under: Brackenfield School Year 5, Harrogate; 14 & under: ACTAcademy UK, Harrogate;

Vocal Duet: Year 6 & under: Alexandra Romyn & Elizabeth Wilson, Harrogate; 11 & under: Alicia Hartley & Nicole Brocksom, Harrogate; Folk Song Unaccompanied: Year 5 & under: Ava Bounds, Collingham; 6: Amara Dobson, Thirsk; 7: Annabelle Stanford, Harrogate; 8 or 9: Alexa Wilkinson, Collingham; 10 & over: Nancy Song, Harrogate; Musical Theatre 10 or more players: Age 8 & under: danSing juniors, Harrogate; 10 & under: Theatrebox Juniors, Harrogate; 14 & under: KSSD Saturday Intermediates, Knaresborough. 19 & under: ACTAcademy UK, Harrogate; Vocal Duet or Trio from a Show, Film, Musical: Year 11 & under: Lucy Sherman, Tilly Ducker & Talia Monnickendam, Harrogate; 12 & over: Jackson Hobson & Louise Henry, Harrogate; Solo from a Show, Film or Musical: Year 8: Hannah Shimwell, Harrogate; 9: Frankie Bounds, Collingham; Solo Singing Musical Theatre: Year 5: Amelia Freestone, Harrogate; Victorian or Edwardian Ballad: Open: Evangeline Barnby, Hull; Operatic Aria: Open: Eleanor Kay-Coles, Harrogate; British Composer: Open: Gracie Caton, Harrogate; Oratorio: Open: Susie Morgan, Harrogate; Solo Singing, Girls: Year 5: Caroline Freeman, Harrogate; 7: Emily Belcher, Harrogate; 8 & 9, Grades 3 to 5: Sarah Sullivan, Harrogate; 13 & under: Bethan Terry, York; Solo Singing, Boys Changed Voices: Year 13 & under: Tom Jansen, Harrogate; Solo Singing Novice: Open: Maria Marshall, York; Solo Singing, Boys: Years 7 to 9, Grades 2 to 5: Frankie Bounds, Collingham; Solo Singing Boys & Girls: Year 4 & under: Ava Bounds, Collingham; Show Choir: Open: KSSD Show Choir, Knaresborough.

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