Big Lunch brings people together

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Neighbours from across Wetherby got together to celebrate their community and to share food at The Big Lunch.

This free event, held by Friends of Sandringham Park, at the award winning site was their eighth Big Lunch, designed to bring people together and help them make friends.

A host of traditional school sports events, a bouncy castle, tombola, and even a guest appearance from Minnie Mouse were enjoyed, along with food donated by Sant Angelos, Wetherby.

Kazia Knight, organiser of Sandringham Park Big Lunch, said: “we had about 150 people and of course, the Mayor and Mayoress and Mickey Mouse.

“Every year it gets better and better, I can’t pick out a best bit because every year is a highlight.

“It’s in everybody’s diary now. It definitely brings the community together.

“There’s elderly people who’ve been bereaved or live alone and they buddy up and spend the day together and then afterwards they go round for coffee or go into town together.”

Earlier this year, The Big Lunch commissioned research that showed that more than half of us in the UK (36 million people) feel distant from our neighbours.