Party for fifty years of service celebrated


Party goers poured out on to the street at a party to celebrate Margaret Kendrew’s 50 years of employment at Pateley Bridge Pharmacy.

Pharmacy owner Samina Khan organised the afternoon tea party at the Memorial Hall on Sunday to mark the occasion.

“It was a fantastic party,” said Samina, “hundreds of people were there, including people she used to work with and lots of customers.”

Margaret was just 15-years-old when she first started at Pateley Bridge Pharmacy, and has worked for six owners since 1963.

“I was so nervous on my first day but the lady who had worked there for years helped me so much.

“I started because I lived on a farm and wanted to work local, the interest in medicine came second.”

Retired local doctor, Iain Macintosh paid his tribute to Margaret’s contribution to the local community.

Samina added: “We are more like family, me and Margaret, she really helped me fit in here in Pateley Bridge.

“I moved here from Lancashire and knew no one, but she introduced me around the town and helped me out so much.

“It is like a mother-daughter relationship.”

Mrs Kendrew agrees: “We are very close, like a family and I have ended up the mother of the friendship.”

“I did think about retiring but I will miss it too much. I have cut down to two days a week though.

“I am a people person and I enjoy helping out our customers. One customer who is 93-years-old attended the party and he said he could remember me starting out.”