Pannal News by Anne Smith

Shrek Too - the Pantomime:

Sue Elson and the cast and production team have to be congratulated on producing an excellent pantomime. I liked it, the audience liked it. The B-Low Average White Band comprising Keyboard Tom Bagley, Lead Guitar - Ross Metcalf, Drums - David Dunford and Bass Guitar - Tom Overton as well as being a good band were a good audience appreciating everyone who came on stage, especially Sharon and Tracy the two slags played by Sarah Elson and Sam Hemsley-Roome. They were excellent. Young Jacob Dent who played Elvis with quiff and shaking legs enjoyed his part as did his young friends in the audience. How he managed to talk his dad Jack into playing the part of the King I do not know. Jack was well supported by Becky Towers as his Queen. Carl Blake as Carlos enjoyed himself. The part of his grandpa was played by John Russell a very young grandpa indeed. This was due to Paul Ingle, Carl's real and stage grandpa who sadly had a fall and for the first time in 18 years was unable to appear in the show. A moving tribute was paid to him. Shrek was played very well by Shirley Bannatyne ably assisted by Angela Isted as Fiona. The two animals Puss in Boots played by Holly Davies and the donkey played by Darren Smith received special applause both for their acting as well as their make up and costumes. Lindsay Corfield was a whirlwind of movement from preening herself to dancing and singing with all the cast "Dont stop me now". I have left Sweetpea the Fairy Godmother played by Michael Newby to the end. For me he stole the show. Michael you have found your calling. Let the Lib Dems look after themselves, the stage beckons you. Fundraising again this year was for the Joanna Luty (Paul and Anne Ingle's grandaughter) Teenage Cancer Fund and it is hoped to buy another item for the teenage cancer unit at St James' Hospital.

Zebra Crossing:

The proposed zebra crossing including speed platform is going to be constructed on Main Street opposite the garden of number 23 and Pannal Green. It will have Belisha beacons with masking shields. I am reporting this to you but I cannot say we the people who live on Main Street are entirely happy. The majority of us remember when this was a quiet village road instead of being used as a "rat run". We now have double yellow lines, numerous signs, speed bumps and markings on the road. I can remember when we had a line of trees in our front gardens. In 1965 the land was compulsory purchased. The trees were felled, our grass was tarmaced and a pavement constructed and a wall built. All in the name of progress.

Elderly people:

Over the past few weeks I have been writing about elderly people and how lonely they often are. I have been contacted by a lady in this area who works for Contact the Elderly to offer her help, (I do know this lady and can vouch for her). This group is a national charity whose volunteers enjoy taking out elderly people on outings one Sunday a month. Groups are kept small so that everyone can chat to everyone else. There is a lot of laughter and a chance to talk to new people and make new friends over tea. A volunteer driver will collect you at your front door by car and drive you to a host's home for tea, where you will be made warmly welcome by the hosts and their families. There's always something to look forward to - friends to meet, ideas to be exchanged, memories to share. If you feel you would like to be taken out please ring me on 01423 872177.

Hilltop Heritage:

Rita Corbridge of Burn Bridge has written a book entitled "Hilltop Heritage". Rita has been a friend for many years and has always shared with me an interest in local history specialising in Pannal Methodist Church history which this book is all about. The launch is on Saturday March 10 at 4pm in Pannal Methodist Church. There will be a photographic exhibition, drama, song and stories followed by a faith tea. This is your chance to buy a copy of this book which can be autographed if you wish.

Community and Police Meeting:

Thank you Sarah, Secretary of CAP for informing me that in the period November to December details of local crime are as follows: Nil burglaries, two thefts of cars, two attempted thefts, one stolen vehicle and one stone theft (patio). The police have been allocated funds to appoint the services of a forensic scientist who can identify microscopic particles of pollen and such like on slate, stone etc and then place the localities of where the stone was sourced. This could help identify stolen property.

Brackenthwaite Lane:

Thanks to Harrogate Borough Council the boundary stone which was knocked over has now been lifted up and concreted in place. The conservation department has gone through some changes recently but they were very quick off the mark once I alerted them.

Red Kites Plus:

Every morning, rain or shine, I wander around the garden, cup of tea in hand, looking at both earth and sky. One morning last week hovering above was a red kite and on the ground eleven baby pheasants enjoying our crocus. They came over from Sandy Bank Quarry. This was all accompanied by a "gang" of blackbirds who had, during the mild week before stripped all the berries from our shrubs. Did they know there was going to be a cold spell of weather?

Pannal Players Ceilidh:

Pannal Players are having a Ceilidh on Saturday evening March 3 in Pannal Memorial Hall. There will be a live band and a fish and chip supper all for 10. For more information telephone Angela on 873016.

Plea from Pam Pearce:

Please could everyone save used postage stamps. Pam Pearce of Iron Latch Cottage, 8 Westminste Drive collects them on behalf of four charities. Two collection points. Either drop them off at Pam's or give them to me at "Mingulay", 44 Main Street and I will see that Pam gets them. Thanking you in advance.

Lucy at Pannal PO:

Lucy says to inform you all that there is no need to go into Harrogate. From February 14 Pannal Post office has euros, euro cheques, stIrling cheques and all other currencies take 24 hours that's all. Please use our one and only shop to also tax your car.


Will meet on Tuesday March 6 at 2.15pm in the Devotional Room at Pannal Methodist Church, Spring Lane to hear John W Connor JP talk on "Set all free" - Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the slave trade in the British Colonies. This is an Open Meeting.

Pannal Mothers' Union:

Is holding its meeting on Wednesday March 7 in the Chapter House of St Robert's Church at 7.30pm. Mrs. Hogerzeil will give a talk on "Indian Lenten Veil".

Pannal Women's Fellowship:

Will meet on Thursday March 8 in the Chapter House of St Robert's to hear Neil Robertson and Claire Lee talk on "Harrogate Spa Water". This meeting starts at 2.30pm.

Pram Service:

On Monday March 12 at 2.15pm in The Chapter House of St Robert's Church would you like to bring your baby or toddler to meet other young families. An informal service lasts about 20 minutes and includes songs, a short story and some prayers in an informal and happy atmosphere. This is followed by coffee and a chance to chat while the children play, Finishing in time to collect older children from school. If so contact Jean Hannam on 545646.

Pannal Mobile Library:

On Thursday March 8 the mobile library will be at Pannal Cobler Hill 1.20-1.25pm, at Bracken Foot 1.35-1.45pm, Hawthorn Cottage 1.50-1.55pm and Fairview Farm 2-2.05pm. On Friday March 9 Spacey Houses, 94 to 101 Walton Park 11-11.10am, Harwood car park 11.15-11.30am, Pannal Green/Church 11.35am-noon and Westminster Drive 12.50- 1.10pm

Pannal Friendly Club:

Will meet on Tuesday February 27 at 2.15pm in the Chapter House of St Robert's Church to hear Angela Henson give an "Illustrated talk on RHS Harlow Carr".

Pannal Women's Institute:

Will meet on Tuesday March 13 in Pannal Memorial Hall at 7.30pm for a Quiz with cheese and wine.

Pannal Wives Group:

Will meet on Wednesday March 21 in the Chapter House of St Robert's Church at 7.30pm to listen to Barry Wilkinson talk on " Ex Terra Lucem" . Visitors welcome.