WATCH: Cyclist’s abusive attack on motorist

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Editorial image

A video showing a cyclist’s abusive rant at a motorist in an supermarket car park has gone viral.

Warning: The video does contain strong language

The cyclist, who has not been identified, filmed the whole incident between himself and the female motorist in the car park of Lidl in Eastbourne and then it was put on YouTube saying the woman had “dangerously overtaken him”.

But the man has been criticised for following the woman into the car park and swearing at her when she appears to have done nothing wrong.

The YouTube video has since been taken down but put up on Facebook instead and a national cycling group has also posted it on its website.

Cycling campaigners say the motorist did nothing wrong and the man is giving cyclists a bad name.

A spokesperson at the website said, “Helmet camera footage can be found everywhere from YouTube to the national media these days, and can also help convict motorists involved in collisions or altercations with cyclists, or who are simply enjoying their breakfast while attempting to drive a car.

“But are some cyclists overdoing it? Have a look at this video, posted to YouTube last month showing a cyclist remonstrating with a motorist he believed had endangered him after she overtook him then turned left into a branch of Lidl to do her shopping.

“Is it really that bad of an overtake? Was the cyclist justified in following the driver into the car park and then take her to task for what he saw as her poor driving?

“Who was being more reasonable, the cyclist or the driver? And would the situation have been different if the person in the car had been a 6’ 4” builder?