Terrier Terror - No deliveries for Harrogate street due to ‘roaming dog’

tis  Fraser McGilvray (left) and Kevin Cheesright who had no post for two weeks.  (140319M3)
tis Fraser McGilvray (left) and Kevin Cheesright who had no post for two weeks. (140319M3)

Frustrated residents say the Royal Mail has ‘overreacted’ after postmen and women refused to deliver letters to their street for two weeks because of what they claim is an aggressive dog.

Residents of Christ Church Oval in Harrogate were left with no deliveries for two weeks after the Royal Mail suspended deliveries to the 34 houses on the street.

Kevin Cheesewright said: “I did hear some rumours it was just a little dog that was causing the problem, there are lots of dogs round here but I have never thought there was a problem.”

The Royal Mail wrote to the residents to let them know they would have to make a trip to the delivery office to collect their household post.

Mr Cheesewright added: “They are refusing to deliver mail to us yet they posted a letter to all of us today that says they can’t post letters to our street!”

“If they can do that why can’t they keep delivering?

“I have just been popping up once a week (to collect my mail) but if I was trying to run a businesses I would be livid about it.

“What if this dog is only a few years old, will this go on for the next eight or ten years?”

Felicia Palmer also lives on Christ Church Oval. She said: “It is a ridiculous over reaction.

“There are children playing out in the street and people on bikes riding past, coming and going.

“I have lived here for 13 years and never had a problem before, some dogs bark when you walk past but that is it.

“This is an overreaction to say the least, they are acting like the street is unsafe.”

A spokesperson for the Royal Mail said: “Following repeated incidents with a roaming dog showing aggression to our postman in Christ Church Oval, Royal Mail has suspended delivery to 34 properties in the street. Suspension of delivery is always a last resort and we sincerely apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused by this temporary suspension. We want to restore services to customers as soon as possible and will do so when our people can deliver safely. It is vital that our postmen and women are able to carry out their work safely and without any threats.

“We have written to customers to update them about the situation. Affected customers can pick up mail at Harrogate Delivery Office, Claro Road. We ask customers to bring proof of their identity and address, such as a passport, driving licence or recent utility bill. Any customers who have difficulty collecting their mail should contact the delivery office manager to discuss alternative delivery.”

“The delivery office is open at the following times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 0700-1500, Wednesday 0700-2000 and Saturday 0700-1400. This is the office where customers would normally pick up parcels.”