Starbeck man’s ‘egg-citing’ find!

tis  Liam Beardsley who found 12 double yolk eggs in one box.  (130627M6b)
tis Liam Beardsley who found 12 double yolk eggs in one box. (130627M6b)
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A Starbeck man was positively shell shocked after cracking open four double yolked eggs when he was making a fry up.

Liam Beardsley was even more surprised when he cracked open the rest of the 12 pack and discovered that every single egg was a double yolker.

“I was just making breakfast for me and my girlfriend Emma, we were going to have two eggs each and all four were double yolkers.

“I was so surprised, so I called Emma into the kitchen and said lets crack open the rest of them.”

Sure enough when Mr Beardsley cracked the rest of the Morrisons 12 pack of eggs he saw that there was 24 yolks.

He said: “You don’t often see that, you get the odd one but I have never heard of anyone finding 12 in a pack.”

Mr Beardsley works in the Morrisons in Starbeck where his girlfriend’s dad, Dave Shepherd bought the eggs.

“I asked in work to see if had heard of any customers saying the same thing but they hadn’t. It seems its quite rare.”

Finding a double yolked egg is so rare that the odds 1000 to 1 meaning the odds of finding just six eggs in a row is a one in quintillion chance.

However as most eggs are picked in flocks of roughly the same age, chances can be more realistically seen as 1 in 30 but this still equates to finding 12 eggs in a row as 1 in 531,441,000,000,000,000.

Mr Bearsley said: “Turns out you have got more chance of winning the lottery twice in a row, I know which one I would rather have.”

After photographing the 24 yolks for evidence Emma’s mum used the remaining eggs to make a quiche.

“I haven’t eaten any. I don’t really like quiche,” he said.