Schoolboy punished by school for Charity Headshave

Dion Dalby, 14, shaved his head to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.
Dion Dalby, 14, shaved his head to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.
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Students from Rossett School rallied in support of fellow pupil, Dion Dalby, after he was punished for shaving his head to raise money for cancer research.

The curly-haired teen was placed in isolation after shaving off his locks but his fellow pupils were so enraged they set up a petition to ‘free’ Dion from isolation, attracting over 500 signatures.

Dion Dalby, 14, before he shaved his head.

Dion Dalby, 14, before he shaved his head.

Mum Sarah Dalby, 34, said she was overwhelmed by all the attention.

“All this fuss is driving me mad,” she said.

“Kids starting turning up to the house with a petition, it was really over whelming, it is nice to know that people care about him. He thought he was only going to raise about £50, now it’s more than £300”

Staff at Rossett School had asked Dion to wait until school holidays before shaving his head, but as Dion had already got sponsorship he went ahead with it.

Sarah said: “He had really long hair before, and that was against school wishes too.

“I do think the rules are a bit old fashioned and could be modernised.”

She added: “They have backtracked on the isolation thing, they said two weeks initially, then a few days but now he is back in class. “

Dion sent his mum a message from school to tell her he had been put in isolation.

Sarah said: “I told him, you knew you were asked not to do it, but I said to the school that I thought two weeks was a bit extreme.

“It is hard for me as a parent because Dion was advised not to do it so it is hard for me to put the school under scrutiny. If he did something against me at home I would have to punish him.”

So far Dion has raised £304 online for Cancer Research UK.

Sarah added: “I am completely proud of him and I have sponsored him. I think he thought cancer research was a worthy cause to raise money for.

“I am hoping this gives him a bit more confidence, he won’t be hiding behind his hair anymore, it’s good for I get to see his face now he hasn’t got such big hair.”

Pat Hunter, headteacher at Rossett School said: “As a school, we hold a lot of official fundraising events for various charities, and it is a very significant part of life here at Rossett – in fact, last year we raised over £28,000 for charity, which shows just how committed we are to fundraising.

“As well as whole school events, our students often come up with their own ideas and projects, but it is important that anything that they do is approved in advance. As much as supporting charities is very important to all of us, the school has to have the ultimate say over what is and is not acceptable for our students while they are in our care.

“Like every school, Rossett has certain standards of dress and appearance which we expect from all students and I did not feel it was appropriate for a student to shave his head.

“We absolutely understand why our students want to support their chosen charities and we are very keen for them to do so, but it has to be in a suitable way which fits in with the wider rules and standards of the school.

“In this case, the student went against what I had asked him to do, so there had to be a consequence to his action. He was removed from lessons for one day and we explained to him the reasons for this – not that he had shaved his head for charity, but that he had gone against our wishes and broken school rules, which are in place for everyone’s benefit.

“We spoke to his mother and she fully understood and accepted our reasons for taking the action we did. He is now back in class.”

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