Mum’s fury as 11-year-old girl labelled ‘overweight’

NADV 1306259AM1 Katie Lee with her mum Emma. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1306259AM)
NADV 1306259AM1 Katie Lee with her mum Emma. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1306259AM)
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A Harrogate mum has hit out at a government programme that labelled her 11-year-old daughter ‘overweight.’

Emma Lee gave permission for her daughter Katie to be weighed and measured at Newpark Primary School for The National Child Measurement Programme, but was shocked to receive a letter stating that her 5’5” daughter was classed as overweight.

She said: “It’s just ridiculous. She’s tall and slim, far from overweight.”

Mrs Lee posted the information on Facebook when she received the letter and said it caused quite an uproar.

“People are saying that it’s ridiculous and this is the sort of thing that gives young girls eating disorders.

“She is at a vulnerable impressionable age, getting ready to leave primary school, she is already starting to get into fashion and care about what other people think.”

Luckily the active schoolgirl has taken the news in her stride. Her mum said: “Thankfully she’s a very sensible girl and can see that she isn’t even a bit over weight.”

“She is very fit and active, she takes the dogs out for a walk in the mornings and walks to meet her friends. She is also in the scouts and hikes for miles at the weekend.”

Mrs Lee said she thinks the government needs to find a more sensible way to measure children’s weight and fitness.

“It has got nothing to do with the school and the results get sent to the government. It is a flawed system as the parents of children who are actually overweight opt out and are never discovered!”

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