A Jelly Belly full of beans at town’s sweet shop

Bah Humbugs owner Lucy Scott Paul with the jelly bean mosaic of Shrek (S)
Bah Humbugs owner Lucy Scott Paul with the jelly bean mosaic of Shrek (S)

The curmudgeonly star of a blockbuster film has arrived in Masham, in jelly bean form.

A sugary version of swamp dwelling ogre Shrek is the most recent resident of Masham’s market place, and has been attracting plenty of attention since he arrived at his new home last week.

Shopkeeper Lucy Scott Paul took delivery of a jelly bean mosaic of the film character at her shop Bah Humbugs in the market square.

She said: “We’re always so excited when we’re offered one of the pieces of Jelly Belly Art. This time I kept the subject of the latest mosaic a big secret and we launched a competition on our Facebook and Twitter pages for followers to guess who it could be. We’ve had hundreds of guesses from our fans and there’s been a real buzz about the town with people constantly asking me who the next mosaic is going to be of! Shrek is really impressive and I’m sure it won’t disappoint people!”

The mosaic was made by Malcolm West, who was also behind the Queen, William and Kate and Marilyn Monroe mosaics which have been displayed in Bah Humbugs.

The Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Artwork mosaic will be on display over the Easter holidays until Monday, April 16, and visitors can enter a competition to win two tickets for Shrek the Musical in London and several Jelly Belly jelly bean goodies.