Northallerton and District Local History Group talk

The East India Company will feature in a talk by Northallerton and District Local History.

The talk centres on the period from 1757 until the Indian Mutiny a hundred years later.

Britain’s empire on that sub-continent was administered by a chartered monopoly, the East India Company. During that period, a wide range of Asian luxury goods found their way into this country and now a national three year research project is investigating the impact on our country houses of this new interest in eastern culture.

The project is managed by University College London, which is seeking to collaborate with local historians who are also interested in this fascinating subject.

As a first step in North Yorkshire, the County Archives and Northallerton & District Local History Society are jointly hosting a presentation by UCL at the County Record Office in Malpas Road, Northallerton, at 2pm on Wednesday, September 5.

This will start with an overview of how and why the East India Company was set up, outlining how they went about their business and describing the main goods in which they traded.

This will be followed by a more detailed examination of the ways in which this eastern trade influenced domestic culture in Britain. Finally, attention will be focused on the the influence of EIC trade upon one local country house - Aske Hall near Richmond, the seat of the Dundas family.

The meeting is free and open to all members of the public, although it is advisable to book a place in advance by ringing John Sheehan on 01609-771878.