New ‘Neighbourhood Area’ plotted out for Ripon

Ripon is set to have a greater say over its future.
Ripon is set to have a greater say over its future.

Ripon has been given the green light to become a ‘Neighbourhood Area’, allowing people in the city to have a greater say on its future.

Following a public consultation with the people of Ripon, Harrogate Borough Council will designate a route running up the eastern side of the city and through the bypass.

The project’s lead officer, Coun Mick Stanley, said: “The current city boundary doesn’t include Quarry Moor and zig-zigs along the bypass.

“For the next stage of the project we are currently working through a series of questions to ask everyone in the city, including residents and visitors.”

Now the city has been given the go-ahead as a neighbourhood area, the aim of the next stage – ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ – is to give the people of Ripon more say on the future development of the city, as part of the Government’s Localism Agenda.

Referring to the Local Government Act 1972, which transferred powers away from the city, Coun Stanley said it’s the first time in 40 years Ripon gets to “control its own destiny”.

Over the next four to five months the public will be given the opportunity to contribute their thoughts on the plan with different methods of consultation, such as mailbox exhibitions. The people of Ripon will be consulted on six areas:

l Transport

l Healthy Ripon

l Learning

l Housing

l Business and shops

l Environment

From a total of 49 questionnaires collected in the original consultation, only two people proposed to change the boundary to include more areas on the north side of the city.

The borough council will release offical details of which areas will be included in the boundary over the next few weeks, after it agreed to formally designate the Ripon Neighbourhood Area on December 12.

Speaking to the Gazette about the city’s health review strategy, Healthy Ripon, Coun Stanley said: “It’s about organisations in the city working with Harrogate District Hospital to ensure we have a healthy community by making people aware of what facilities are already available. It’s about Harrogate District Hospital working with everyone in Ripon.”

He added that the local parishes in Ripon are important to the plan and will be part of the next stage of consultation.

The neighbourhood plan will be drawn up to include in its scope:

l revitalising the city centre;

l improving the local economy;

l provision of community infastructure;

l the built and natural environment;

l sustainable development.

The borough council will be publishing details about the plan on its website and will provide paper copies of the information in Ripon library and at Ripon town hall.