Mystery of Harrogate wedding dress hidden for 30 years

NADV 1510282AM2 Found Wedding Dress. Debbie Norris and her daughter Matilda(5) with the wedding dress and tiara found in the loft. (1510282AM2)
NADV 1510282AM2 Found Wedding Dress. Debbie Norris and her daughter Matilda(5) with the wedding dress and tiara found in the loft. (1510282AM2)

A woman’s wedding dress is usually the most important (and most expensive) item of clothing they own.

However after its brief moment in the limelight, the beloved gown is often packed away into an attic, never to be seen again for decades.

This was certainly the case for one Harrogate bride who left her wedding dress, complete with tiara and veil behind after moving house.

Now mum of two Debbie Norris is determined to track down the vintage gown’s owner to reunite her with the all-important wedding gown.

“The dress itself was packed up ever so neatly and nicely, it was clearly put away for safe keeping so I want to make sure they get it back,” she said.

Mrs Norris and her family moved into their home on Oatlands Drive earlier this year.

The family never gave much thought to a small cupboard hidden in the corner of the attic until an electrician made the dress discovery.

Mrs Norris said: “The electrician was doing some work and pulled out a lovely tea chest, when we opened it up there was a perfectly wrapped up wedding dress with a tiara and a veil.

“Someone went to the trouble of wrapping it up lovely, they must have wanted to keep it nice.”

The dress looks like it dates back to the 1970s or possibly the early 1980s and is adorned in lace and frills as was in vogue at the time.

“It is quite Bo Peepy, and the veil is absolutely beautiful, my five-year-old daughter Matlilda keeps wanting to try it all on so I want to reunite it with the owner before she tries to get her hands on it for her fancy dress box,” Mrs Norris added.

The family, including dad Toby Norris, five-year-old Matilda and her three-year-old brother Wilfred moved into the house on the corner of Oatlands Drive and St Winifreds Road in May 2015.

“I have asked the previous house owners and even been around knocking on the neighbours doors but no-one is quite sure whose dress it could be.

“I kept my own wedding dress, it was far simpler than this one but then that is how styles change. I used part of the train to make a christening dress for Matilda andhave kept the dress for sentimental reasons, I would be very upset if I had left my wedding dress behind.””

In September the Harrogate Advertiser found the 1960s teenager writer of a mystery message left behind wallpaper on St Catherine’s Road.

We hope this story in the Harrogate Advertiser will solve yet another local mystery and produce a fascinating story

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