MP calls for police chief to quit force

Under fire - North Yorkshire Police Chief Grahame Maxwell
Under fire - North Yorkshire Police Chief Grahame Maxwell
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Pressure is mounting on North Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell to step down after he admitted gross miscounduct.

Ripon MP Julian Smith is one of a growing number calling for Mr Maxwell’s resignation.

The police chief has so far ignored the demands which follow a disciplinary hearing where he admitted nepotismn.

The chief constable had helped a realtive advance through the first stage of a process to recruit officers for the force.

He had also authorised his deputy Adam Briggs, to do the same.

Mr Briggs retired from the force in February.

Mr Maxwell has become the first chief constable in the UK to face gross misconduct charges in 34 years.

Following his final written warning and harsh criticism from the Independent Police Complaints Commission. he issued a personal statement which included a “sincere apology to police and members of the public saying he is “immensely proud” to be chief constabel and that “North Yorkshire Police has been my life.”

He also said it was “business as usual.”

But Ripon MP Julian Smith thinks Mr Maxwell should quit his post.

“As North Yorkshire’s most senior police officer Grahame Maxwell must be trusted by officers and members of the public.

“I question whether that trust continues after such a damning report from the Indpendent Police Complaints Commission..”

The commission said Mr Maxwell’s “unacceptable” initial defence against the allegations was “essentially saying he could do what he wanted because he was the Chief Constable.”

Mr Smith agreed saying: “I am concerned by the culture that seems to have existed at the top levels of North Yorkshire Police