Macmillan’s plans to turn Harrogate green

funraising day for Macmillan
funraising day for Macmillan

2014 is set to be a big year for Macmillan in Harrogate, the £9million Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre is set to open this summer and the Macmillan team are planning the town’s biggest fundraiser.

Harrogate Borough Council have given permission for the charity to fundraise in the town centre on April 12, and Macmillan are hoping to ‘turn the town green’ and raise enough money to pay for a benefits adviser for the district.

The charity say that four in five cancer patients are hit with an average cost of £570 a month as a result of their illness.

Fundraising manager, Roohi Lupton said: “The gruelling physical and emotional impact of cancer is hard enough without the additional burden of money worries.”

She added: “Can imagine how hard it would be if you had to sell your home whilst battling cancer?”

A Macmillan benefits adviser in Harrogate would offer specialist advice to help ease these concerns, including information on benefits, tax credits, grants and loans.

A Macmillan benefits adviser is available face-to-face or over the phone, and will help to work out what financial help a client could be entitled to.

The cost of funding a Macmillan benefits adviser for three years will be around £108,000.

Ms Lupton added: “Please help us to make sure no one has to suffer the financial cost of cancer alone.

“We need as many hands holding collecting tins as possible, as many volunteers talking to as many passersby about the great work that is happening, and as many heads wearing as many green wigs as possible.”

Stray FM and Boots on Cambridge Street have pledged their support with staff all volunteering their time to fundraise.

Macmillan is also looking for schools and businesses to get on board with Harrogate’s green day and help with fundraising.

Contact Roohi Lupton fundraising manager on 07779285968 or for more information.