LETTER: Memories of Westmoreland Street in Harrogate

Images supplied by J G Goodyear (s). (1411043AM1)
Images supplied by J G Goodyear (s). (1411043AM1)

I was very interested in the presentation on Westmoreland Street in the Harrogate Advertiser.

I must correct James Potts that there had been a hairdressers at No. 27 for 100 years.

Image supplied

Image supplied

My father was the hairdresser at No 11 Westmoreland Street from early after the First World War.

I lived there from after my birth at the end of 1924 until leaving home after my marriage in 1950.

No. 11 is now William Hill, the bookmakers.

My father sold the premises to Donald Greenwood, which he rented from Mr Potts’ father before finally retiring.

James Potts then started his own business on those premises.

J G Goodyear

Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire