Knaresborough Mum’s Christmas dramas screened to the nation!

Sarah Masters calculcating the cooking times
Sarah Masters calculcating the cooking times
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A Knaresborough mum’s battle with Christmas dinner timings will be appearing on TV screens across the nation over the next six weeks in a Sainsbury’s festive advert.

Sarah Masters’ 16-year-old son, Jake, submitted the home video of his mum debating when to remove the turkey from the oven on Christmas Day to the Christmas in a Day film project collated by Oscar®-winning director Kevin Macdonald.

Sarah, who lives with her three sons Jake, Harry, 13, and Charlie, seven, and hosts Christmas Day at home for her mum, dad and nana said: “Christmas has always been a time for family.

“I thought it was great when Jake suggested filming us all for a film project he’d seen on the internet. He ended up filming for most of the day and I couldn’t believe it when we heard his footage has been chosen for the film.

“I think the clip of me struggling to get the turkey right is hilarious. As much as I love cooking the lunch, it is so hard juggling everything.

“Last year I decided to put on my most ambitious Christmas yet, we had canapés during each course and were still sitting at the table eating lunch at 6pm.”

Budding film maker Jake admits he has tried to enter his mum into TV shows in the past but she has always refused.

He said: “Filming mum on Christmas Day was so funny, you can hear me laughing in the clip. She loves having the family over but always loses track with what’s going in the kitchen.

“I filmed another clip of her trying to get the butter onto the roast potatoes but they flew on the floor and the dog ended up eating them which was brilliant, mum was beside herself laughing.”

Masters’ family traditions include watching the nativity play in Knaresborough Market Place and playing board games - which doesn’t leave Sarah with much time to prepare the big dinner.

She said:“Christmas morning starts with pyjamas and present time after the boys wake up. Toys need batteries, testing and playing with and before you know it, it’s nearly 1pm and the family are knocking on the door.

“I’m going to try and get better with my timings this year but at the end of the day we’re a close family, and they will enjoy what’s dished up.”

The advert is available to view on YouTube and Sarah and Jake will be presented with a copy of the full Christmas in a Day film at a premiere in London on November 28.

Jake added: “I’ll make sure mum takes some time out this Christmas and watches it with us all, I can’t wait.”