How we could all use Glebe

From: Alison Young, Crofters Green, Killinghall Harrogate

MAY I point out that I have contributed to the funding of the Killinghall Glebe. Also, in my first letter to the parish council last May, I commended the leader of the Glebe Action Group for the effort that she had put into this worthy cause: creating a much needed children's playground and communal area for the village.

My priority is the safety of my son and other children and so I would not suggest anything that would put children in danger. The dog attack on Merseyside has been proved to be by a dog of Pitbull Terrier origin, a breed on the Dangerous Dogs List. It must not be confused with other domestic breeds of dog. However, I appreciate that some people do not like dogs and some have a fear of dogs and so I feel that a compromise could be reached for the benefit of all the residents.

There is a "ball-wall' and climbing frame on the Glebe away from the main children's play area. The fencing around the playground could be moved and extended to incorporate this area. This would make the majority of the land a fenced children's playground, where dogs could be banned, but still allowing access to the pathway and seating areas for the rest of the residents, with legislation to enforce keeping dogs on leads and cleaning up their waste responsibly. The Glebe could be designated with the borough council, so giving the Dog Wardens the power to enforce these laws.

Coun Holdsworth did say in her speech at the official Glebe opening that the Glebe “was for the benefit of, and belonged to, all the residents of Killinghall.”