Hospital children’s area revamp

THE CHIILDREN’S waiting areas at the Friarage Hospital’s accident and emergency department have been transformed into a magical wonderland thanks to the Rotary Club of Wensleydale.

Countryside scenes including the seashore and local points of interest now adorn the walls of accident and emergency’s paediatric waiting area and two treatment areas have fascinating underwater scenes featuring sea life and creatures.

The vibrant life-size murals were painted by local Wensleydale artist, Ric Duffield, from Preston under Scar was keen to work at the Friarage in recognition of the excellent care his own children received at the hospital.

The fascinating murals are already proving a hit and have helped to improve the experience of young people visiting the department by providing a more welcoming and stimulating environment and help take their mind of being in hospital.

The Rotary Club of Wensleydale, which currently has 21 members, raises around £12,000 a year which is used to support projects at home and overseas which are generally aimed at improving peoples’ lives in one way or another. 

People in Wensleydale look to the Friarage Hospital for treatment for a whole range of things and they wanted to do something to support their local hospital. Thanks to their successful fundraising efforts the murals are providing an interesting and picturesque talking point for young patients, their parents and hospital staff .

Rotary Club treasurer, John Ogbourne, said: “I do not have to mention the affection and esteem in which the Friarage is held by local people and a mural seemed to the Rotary Club an ideal way of doing our bit, not only to enhance our local hospital, but to signal very clearly our appreciation of the work NHS staff do here for the benefit of local people.”

Accident and emergency manager, Dawn Coulthard, said: “We are delighted with the murals - they are lovely and have really brightened up the department. They have already made a big difference to the children and we have lots of positive comments.

“We are very grateful to the Rotary Club and its members and to Ric Duffield for providing this eye catching and striking impression for everyone who visits the department to enjoy.”