Celebrating a partnership at Fountains

Touchwood holidays
Touchwood holidays

Twenty years of holidays are being celebrated at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal.

For the past two decades the estate has been providing working holidays for groups of able bodied and learning impaired volunteers.

It means six learning impaired volunteers from the Coborn Centre in London can take part in the Touchwood holidays supported and helped by a group of able bodied volunteers.

The group live together for a week at the base camp on the estate and help the gardening team with practical conservation tasks such as clearing scrub and painting railings.

Although the holidays are run at a variety of properties throughout the Trust, the scheme at Fountains has developed a long term partnership between the Coborn Centre and Anne-Marie Conway, the volunteer leader of the holiday.

Anne-Marie has organised and led every Touchwood holiday at the site.

Andrew Moss, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Fountains Abbey said:

“Twenty years of Touchwood holidays on the estate is a significant achievement.

“We know from the fantastic feedback we receive that they provide a memorable and rewarding experience for all the volunteers.

“The holidays could not take place without committed people generously devoting their time.”