Head's delight at pupils' achievements

STUDENTS, parents and teachers at Ashville school have celebrated pupils' academic achievements at an annual end-of-year prize day.

More than 130 prizes were presented to students from the sixth form, lower school and junior school as the youngsters were recognised for helping the school to one of its most successful years.

Ashville College headteacher Andrew Fleck said he was delighted with last year's exam results and he said the prizes presented at speech day were awarded for a small selection of the outstanding contributions and talents made during the year.

He said: "Last year's exam results were some of our best ever when 63 per cent of A-levels were graded A and B. GCSE results were very good with 42 per cent of all grades at A and A*, compared to the average for the maintained sector of just 19 per cent. In the pre-prep and junior school all our students have achieved the national standards."

Ashville prize winners

Upper Sixth

Prize for Art - Cynthia Leung; Prize for History of Art - Daniel Nesbitt; Prize for Theatre Studies - George Johnson; Prize for Applied Business - Andrew Douthwaite; George Waddell Prize for Religious Studies - George Dunning; Hugh Stirling Moore Prize for History - Edward Clothier; Carol Tinker Prize for Economics - Edward Clothier; Prize for Design Technology - Chris Mitcheson; Prize for Computing - Brennan Gonering; Prize for Biology - Raymond Yip, Daniel Kuan; Southam Prize for Physics - Pekun Odutola; Prize for Music - Blanc Wan; Prize for Further Mathematics - Angel Ye; Dr Norman Smith Memorial Prize for Chemistry - Emily Gould; Barrie Dale Memorial Prize for Mathematics - Jonathan Taylor; Prize for English Language - Colette Ashby-Smith; Frederick Swire Memorial Prize for English Literature - Benjamin Schwarz, Sarah Richardson; Prize for French - Holly Marshall; Prize for German - Michael Peretti; Henry Chatterton Memorial Prize for Geography - Rebecca Davis; Prize for Physical Education - Lucy Renshaw; Richard Thayer Prize for Business Studies - Gary Lui; Prize for Spanish - Rebecca Culleton; Mary Beckett Prize - Rebecca Jackson; Paul Webster Memorial Prize - Joseph Thiriot; Melissa Calvert Memorial Prize - Toyosi Ukpong; Turner Prize for all-round merit - Kate Gaplevskaja; Ashvillian Society Centenary Prize - Jonathan Isaacs

Lower Sixth

Prize for Art - Crystal Yuen; Prize for Applied Business - Chloe Rowbottom; Ashvillian Society Prize for Biology - George Goss; Prize for Chemistry - Rex Chan; DJ Welsh Prize for Physics Rex Chan; Prize for Design Technology - Katrina Penn; Prize for Physical Education - Katrina Penn; Prize for Economics - Lloyd Randle; Burnett Memorial Prize for English Literature - Lloyd Randle; Prize for History - Lloyd Randle; Prize for Further Mathematics - Samuel Tam; Prize for English Language - Ruth Fisher, Rosanna Walker; Prize for Religious Studies - Charlotte Matless; Prize for German -Charlotte Matless; Prize for Spanish - Victoria Couchman; Prize for Theatre Studies - Victoria Couchman; Tom Sawyer Memorial Prize for French - Emma Prentis, Michael Haynes; Prize for Business Studies - Karolina Albertova; Prize for Mathematics - Karolina Albertova; Elizabeth Harvey Prize for German Speaking - Karolina Albertova; Prize for Music - Mackenzie Drewell; Prize for Geography - Samantha Preston; Prize for Computing - Daniel Stanford; L6 Prize for All Round Merit - Jiri Hozak, Chelsea Teesdale.

GCSE Award of Merit - Year 11

Prize for Art - Sarah McNamara; John Byrom Memorial Prize for Biology - James Deal; President of Ashvillian Society Prize for Chemistry - Ashley Dickerson; Prize for English - Ashley Dickerson; Anthea Edwards Prize for Latin - Ashley Dickerson; Prize for Music - Thomas Taylor; Prize for Statistics - Thomas Taylor; Albert Hearn Memorial Prize for English Literature - Thomas Taylor; Prize for German - Charlie Kelly; Prize for Progress in English as a Foreign Language - Ryan Charoensintaweekoon; Prize for Home Economics - Polly Laycock, Eleanor Eckart; Prize for Business Studies - Rebecca Carrahar, Jonathan Marson; Prize for Design Technology - Matthew Lawson, Charlotte Deal; Prize for Physical Education - Michael McKee; Peter Oliver Memorial Prize for Geography - Michael McKee; Prize for French - Alice Jackson; Harry Woolley Memorial Prize for History - James Ablett; Prize for Spanish - Ned Hammond; Prize for Science - Ned Hammond; Ashvillian Society Prize for Mathematics - Ned Hammond; Brown Prize for Physics - Naomi Stageman; Prize for Religious Studies - Jonathan Barrett; Prize for Drama - Amy Harvey; Prize for All Round Merit - Blake Marshall

Form Prizes and JR Shires Merit Prizes

10CA Prize for Academic Achievement - Alexander Bywater; Merit Prize - Michael Chee; 10IG Prize for Academic Achievement - Russell Sims; Merit Prize - Edward Swales; 10IP Prize for Academic Achievement - Michael Visser; Merit Prize - Samuel Verity; 10JS Prize for Academic Achievement - Oliver Penn; Merit Prize - Chantelle Roelofse; 10PF Prize for Academic Achievement - Virginia Lee; Merit Prize - Tabitha Lyons; 10SE Prize for Academic Achievement - Zoe Cruddos, Rebecca Floyd; Merit Prize - Michael Earnshaw.

9EW Prize for Academic Achievement - Rebecca Grey; Merit Prize - Pravin Smart; 9MF Prize for Academic Achievement - Kieran Wood; Merit Prize - Charlotte Denison; 9RS Prize for Academic Achievement - Emily Thomson; Merit Prize - James Brown; 9TS Prize for Academic Achievement - Alexander Taylor; Merit Prize - Emily Booth.

8JJ Prize for Academic Achievement - Michael McNamara; Merit Prize - Grace Gill; 8LD Prize for Academic Achievement - Matthew Pritchard; Merit Prize - Katie Evans; 8ML Prize for Academic Achievement - Alwyn Gardner; Merit Prize - Gina Hawksworth; 8RL Prize for Academic Achievement - Julia Stanyard; Merit Prize - James Bushby.

7DW Prize for Academic Achievement - Alex Penn; ;Merit Prize - George Ellaby; 7PG Prize for Academic Achievement - Katie Cross; Merit Prize - Alex Hunter; 7RH Prize for Academic Achievement - Emelia Turnock; Merit Prize - McLain Broussard; James Booth Memorial Prize for Drama - Edward Clothier, Daniel Gilbert; Special Music Prize - Blanc Wan; Lawrence Crowther Prize for Public Speaking - Edward Clothier; Ross Prize for outstanding contribution to Girls’ Sport - Jessica Eckart; Mike Burke Prize for Community Service - Rosanna Walker

Junior School Prizes

J6T Form Prize Sophie Charlton Merit Prize - Amelia Benito; J6M Form Prize - Jacob Whitworth, Esmee Mitchell; Merit Prize - Emily Headford, Elis Edhem; J6S Form Prize - Georgia Calvert; Merit Prize - Ryan Sims, Emily Isherwood; J5E Form Prize - Anna Floyd; Merit Prize - Elizabeth Macgregor, Rachel McKee; J5G Form Prize - Callum Graham-Rack, Chloe Vialou-Clark; Merit Prize - Victoria Green; J5B Form Prize - Madeleine Broussard, Jake Brown; Merit Prize - Will Smith; J4M Form Prize - George O’Neill, Jacob Vialou-Clark; Merit Prize - Ellie Nickerson; J4D Form Prize - Bryony Megson, Olivia Calvert; Merit Prize Thomas Strachan; J3B Form Prize, Ralph Hillhouse; Merit Prize - Georgina Cornforth, Harry Thompson; J3R Form Prize - Emily Gladstone; Merit Prize - Martin Costa, Isabella Kemeny; J3D Form Prize - Michael Cormack, Eve Bond; Merit Prize - Lucy Dabbs, Jack Grantham;

Junior School Music Prize - Alex Barker, Elliot Bloodworth; Glynne Junior Drama Prize - Alex Barker,

Hannah Roberts; Junior Art Prize - Dominic Leonard; Marion Smith Prize - Jeremy Butterfield, Georgia Calvert.

Hirst Prize - Deputy Head Prefect Jonathan Taylor

Cuthbertson Memorial Exhibition - Head Prefect Rebecca Davis