Hat pin lost in Harrogate town centre

Editorial image
Editorial image

A hat pin of great sentimental value was lost in Harrogate town centre last Friday, February 28.

The pin, which is no more than four inches long and has a black feature stone surrounded by diamonds, was being worn as a brooch by the owner Eileen McGuinness.

Ms McGuinness, 45, is now appealing to the public to help her find the pin and is prepared to offer a reward for its return.

She lost it while she was shopping across the town between 3pm and 6.30pm.

She said: “I lost my mum last year and she gave me the pin, so it is priceless to me.

“I never really studied it, I just loved it and that was it.”

Contact the newsroom on 01423 707526 if you have any information about the hat pin.