Harrogate visitor thanks helpful handbag-finders

NADV 1407151AM4 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM4)
NADV 1407151AM4 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM4)

Just weeks after it was voted the happiest place to live, a visitor to Harrogate has thanked several people from the area for their help and good will.

Silvia Emms from Birmingham was passing through the town for lunch on Monday September 7, when she misplaced her bag on a bench near to the cenotaph.

The first couple to help Mrs Emms told her that it was unlikely someone would have handed it into the police station but instead to a nearby shop.

She said: “The people that helped us must have come from Harrogate because they knew the places. Everybody was lovely, the people were so honest and that’s what I find so attractive these days - I thought it would be good to show them my appreciation. If I had the opportunity to visit Harrogate again I would because I thought it was a lovely place.”

As Mrs Emms began to panic, another couple told her that somebody they had spoken to by the cenotaph handed a bag left on a bench into a nearby bank.

Silvia, who has trouble walking, was even more grateful when they offered to walk to the other side of the hill to tell her husband what was happening.

Despite their good will, these unsung heroes refused to let Mrs Emms and her husband buy them a drink as a gesture of thanks, but Silvia is keen to give them recognition.

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