Harrogate Town show touch of class after Hyde victory

Harrogate Town
Harrogate Town

Harrogate Town managing director Garry Plant said that his offer to pay for an injured Hyde’s fan travel home after Saturday’s game was the ‘Christian thing to do’.

Will Marland, a Hyde United fan, and his fiancee Cheree, were involved in an altercation between the two sets of supporters towards the end of the Conference North fixture on Saturday.

Mr Marland tweeted that after ‘a few verbals’ Cheree was knocked out cold and had to be taken to Harrogate and District Hospital A+E.

However, the couple were left stranded in Harrogate after their supporter’s coach left without them before Mr Plant offered to pay for the couple to get back to Hyde.

Mr Marland Tweeted: “I’d also like to thank everybody down at @HarrogateTown who helped out and to Gary, the managing director, for paying for us to get home.”

Mr Plant said that he was behind the goal when he noticed the argument between fans developing.

He said: “The woman was released shortly after going to A+E with slight concussion and I did what I felt was the Christian thing to do as they came on a supporter’s coach with had left.

“They had no funds to get back home. It’s Saturday, it’s late and you want to go home and it’s not as if they could have walked.

“The argument died down very quickly and it was all handbags at dawn after some supporters falling out with each other.

“As they say, it’s the problem that measures a person, it’s how you deal with it. I stand by my decision that it was the right thing to do.”

Harrogate Town won the match 4-1 and Mr Plant praised the atmosphere and the crowd inside the ground thanks to the new stand, saying that it made a ‘huge difference’.