Harrogate team prepares for Monte Carlo or Bust, in a tank

A team of Harrogate men take on the Monte Carlo or Bust challenge for MacMillan Cancer Support. (S)
A team of Harrogate men take on the Monte Carlo or Bust challenge for MacMillan Cancer Support. (S)

Driving across Europe in a limo dressed up as a tank, a group of Harrogate men are set for Monte Carlo or Bust.

A rally event in which teams hit Europe’s greatest roads and cities for three days to Monte Carlo in a car worth £300 or less, the team of five local men will be making money for Macmillan Cancer Support through a series of crazy challenges from June 3.

The rally is not a race, but a daily challenge both on and off road, and teams will compete for prizes and regroup each evening.

The maximum effort is spent on dressing up the car and crew and the Harrogate bunch will have jazzed up their Vauxhall Omega limousine as a tank with space still available for sponsors.

Team captain Richard Barnovsky, a Harrogate police officer, said: “I did this last year and I am doing it again.

“It was a brilliant experience last time and you meet loads of people. There are about 80 cars in total doing it from all over England.

“It isn’t a race, you meet up in the morning and go to different points with a crib sheet every day and there are different challenges, like collecting items or encouraging people to do a dance, just anything daft.

“They have themed days, including free style, when we will be in our army gear.”

Mr Barnovsky will be joined by another police officer, a chef, a plumber, and an office worker and they will be making money for a charity close to their hearts.

He said: “We are raising money for charity and enjoying doing that. Some people have sponsored us from local businesses and we have stickers from them to put on the car.

“We raised money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Saint Michael’s Hospice last year, and we wanted to help a cancer-related charity because I know a few people who have died of it this year.

“We set a target of £1,500. We are at £435 so far and we have been promised a fair bit more so we should see that coming in.”

The Harrogate team, The Expendables, comprises Mr Barnovsky with Marc Gillingham, Andy Sunley, Andrew Middlemiss, Luke Convery. Support the team at www.justgiving.com/TheExpendables2HGT