Harrogate 'Face' leaders

WHO is in the lead this week in our search to find the Face of Harrogate 2005.

The top five so far are Bianca Daisy; Laura Williams; Victoria Henderson; Guy Raffaelle and Jemma Kean.

But also making up the top 50 at this stage are:

Verity B Watts; Shane Keech; Sarah Weatley; Kimberley Henderson; Nick Horsfall; Jodie Sarah Brews; Elizabeth King; Emma Grunwell; Paul Taylor; Melissa Darvill; Paul Jackson; Jessica Sara Thomason; Alana Jayne Samson-Mills; Karen Stannard; Tom Branis; Emma Maine; Cheryl-Katie Wood; Clare Nelson; Laura Foley; Paul Smith; Claire Cave; Nicola Outhwaite; Craig Duckworth; Thomas J Richardson; Zoe Hanson; Rosie Bone; Lauren Hughes; Emma Fletcher; Lucy Holroyd; Jane Wilding; Kate Graham; Luiza Morrell; Andrew Haythorne; Katherine Schoon; Claire Anderson; Joanne Jenkins; Richard Morris; Naomi Arkinstall; Carrie Wass; Sarah Jane Butler; Danny Millar; Sara Maude; Emma Spedding; Daniel Burrell and Danny Millar.

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