Harrogate Council driver admits parking blunder

Council vehicle parked illegally on double yellow lines (s)
Council vehicle parked illegally on double yellow lines (s)

A council van driver, snapped illegaly parked on double yellow lines, has caused an outcry on social media.

The vehicle was caught in Harrogate on Friday (September 5) and a number of users took to Facebook to demonstrate their annoyance.

Tracey Bate, a Harrogate resident, even decided to email the picture to the council’s parking services and asked ‘what special laws allow these vans to park on double yellow lines?’.

The council confirmed that the vehicle did belong to them and that the driver has admitted his mistake.

A council spokesperson said: “Wherever possible council licensed vehicles should be parked responsibly and legally.

“However, if no other suitable parking is available, the council has an exemption to the ‘no waiting’ restrictions under the local traffic regulations, which allows council vehicles to stop on double yellow lines in order to carry out statutory duties.

“The incident has been investigated through the appropriate council procedure and on this occasion the driver was not carrying out statutory duties.

“The driver accepts that he was incorrectly parked and he has been reminded of his responsibilities to park responsibly and legally, and he has assured us that such an incident will not occur in the future.”