Harrogate boasts award-winning toilet

Pictured below is Project Engineer Wayne Trott (s)
Pictured below is Project Engineer Wayne Trott (s)

Harrogate’s latest claim to fame is the presence in Valley Gardens of an award-winning toilet.

Coming as something of a royal flush after being crowned the happiest place to live in the UK and revealed as offering the best night’s sleep, Harrogate now boasts the country’s most eco-friendly toilet.

Image supplied (s)

Image supplied (s)

The Valley Gardens throne scooped the Eco-friendly category at the National Loo Awards.

The toilet, which serves the new games pavilion and cafe, is equipped with sun tubes, and LED down lighters whichsave up to 85 per cent when in use compared to conventional lighting.

The hand washing and drying units save about 94 per cent energy in total compared to normal facilities.

It even harvests rainwater so that mains water is not required.

Harrogate Borough Council operates the toilet, and cabinet member for the environment Coun Phil Ireland showered the unit with praise.

Coun Ireland said: “Everything about these toilets is about reducing the impact on the environment and on the public purse.

“They are very worthy of this award.

“I would like to thank the council’s property team who have delivered this award-winning project.”

The council has set itself a target of reducing carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.

The authority has achieved a 10.5 per cent saving as of this year, a saving of 1180 tonnes of CO2.

This is the same amount produced by 70 households.

A council spokesperson told the ‘Advertiser that full credit for the toilet lies with one man - Projects Engineer in the Department of Development Services, Wayne Trott.