Harrogate Beer Festival’s oldest visitor claims reward

Robin and Peter Beagley with winner Roy Summers and Bob and John Nelson of the Coach and Horses. (S)
Robin and Peter Beagley with winner Roy Summers and Bob and John Nelson of the Coach and Horses. (S)

A 93-year-old has won a bottle of champagne and birthday drinks for the rest of his life at a Harrogate pub.

The Coach and Horses launched a bid to find the oldest visitor at this year’s Harrogate Beer Festival, offering the prize for the lucky winner.

And, reading about the offer in his Advertiser, the winner’s grandson Roy Summers from East Ardsley contacted landlord John Nelson to put his grandad’s name forward.

Mr Nelson said: “Roy had been at the beer festival and I had seen him there because he bought some raffle tickets, so I knew that there had been a 93-year-old there but I didn’t know that he would read the Harrogate Advertiser.

“He did though, and his grandson sent me an email saying that his grandfather was at the beer festival and could he put his name forward for the prize and they came down and had a couple of pints of pedal power with me and my father.

“I think anything that involves people like this has got to be positive, and to have people coming to support the beer festival as well, because the Round Table do a great job raising money for charity. Anything like that has got to be applauded.”

Mr Nelson’s father Bob, who is 87, was the man to beat in the competition, but was beaten by Roy’s seniority.

“My son has been the landlord of the Coach and Horses for more than 28 years and I thought I had finally got a drink out of him, but I was pipped to the post by Roy,” he said.

“However, after having a couple of pints with Roy I don’t mind at all and we have arranged to meet at next year’s beer festival.”

Roy Summers goes to visit his grandson Robin Beagley in Harrogate regularly and often looks in at the pub.

He said: “When I went to the Beer Festival it was a very enjoyable event made even better by being able to help towards raising money for charities like Martin House.

“It was a great surprise to be named as the oldest attendee and I am looking forward to celebrating my 94th birthday in the Coach and Horses.”