Harrogate Advertiser reporter tackles Tough Mudder

Dan Windham tackles the Tough Mudder
Dan Windham tackles the Tough Mudder
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‘As a Tough Mudder...’ reporter Dan Windham’s pledge to the mud

Lying flat on my stomach, torrential rain pouring down my face and dressed head to toe in mud I stared up at the live wires ahead and thought back to the Tough Mudder pledge I repeated two hours before.

On Saturday I, and thousands of other mudders, made a series of pledges before embarking on the toughest obstacle course ever imagined.

When I repeated the Tough Mudder pledge back to my leader, I couldn’t have imagined the obstacles that would soon be testing my mental and physical strength, and how important my pledge was. I pledged I would not whine.

Sadly this was a pledge I failed to uphold after I swam through a floating iceberg, under a wooden plank and pulled myself out the other side.

This was Arctic Enema and only the second obstacle the course had to offer. I’d like to say this was the only time I broke that particular pledge.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend Eveie Robinson and I continously broke this pledge.

We broke the pledge when we leapt off a 12 foot ledge into a pit of muddy water. We broke the pledge as we unwillingly gorged ourselves on mounds of mud, during the aptly named Mud Mile. And, once more, we broke the pledge as we scaled a wall using only our fingertips.

However, it was at mile six when I realised why Tough Mudder is so popular and why the pledge is pivotal.

I listened to hundreds of mudders insist they would put teamwork and camaradarie before course time and would help fellow mudders complete the race. Not one mudder I met failed to follow this through.

Imagine the sight of participants uniting as one to help a mudder scale a three and a half metre wall to roars of encouragement from below.

It is this ethos of teamwork and camaraderie that has persuaded more than 1.3 million people to put their bodies on the line and tackle the gruelling beast that is Tough Mudder.

So, as I lay on my stomach, the mud beneath me and the live wires above me, I thought back to the Tough Mudder and repeated the final line: “As a Tough Mudder I pledge that I overcome all fears.”

After a nasty volt to my left shoulder, we completed the course having overcome the Electric Eel.

Funnily enough, I didn’t even realise I was afraid of electricity until Tough Mudder. Hoo-rah.

Ginger Grouse is the official Pint Partner of Tough Mudder UK this year and will be at the heart of the action with their signature obstacle – the ‘Arctic Enema’ – in which competitors are submerged in ice. For updates on all the action go to https://www.facebook.com/gingergrouse or follow @GingerGrouseUK