Hard-hitting dramas by N’ton cast

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TALENTED students almost literally had a riot as they took their acting skills to the stage in dramatic fashion.

Year 13 drama and theatre studies students at Northallerton College wrote and directed two plays, performing them in front of a packed audience of family and friends.

Simon Says highlights the issues behind the London riots and the impact on society.

The play was written, directed and performed by Hollie Bagshaw, Lucy Prince, Laura Taylor, Bethany Thompson and Jessica Wallace.

Drama teacher Neil Stimpson said: “The way in which the students start off in the audience and interact with them is quite a sophisticated approach.

“They continue to challenge the audience’s perspective throughout the story using different approaches and techniques; they have done really well to pull this together.”

The students have been writing and developing the plays for three months and rehearsing for six weeks out of school hours.

Student Laura, 17, of Northallerton, said: “This is our first performance in Year 13 and already we have learned that we have to use many more styles and techniques.

“But the highlight for me has been working on it together and directing the play as a group.”

Also taking to the stage were another group of five students who had written a play called Profile, about the recent Norway shootings. The play tracked the life of the main character, how the horrific events unfolded and the reasons why he committed the heinous crime.

Profile was written, directed and performed by Matthew Bell, Kane Bruce, Craig Jones, Ryan Rudd and Timothy Townsend.

Mr Stimpson said: “There is lots of movement in this play and the main character is presented in five different forms.

“It is a very intense piece and the audience’s feelings change towards the main character as the story unfolds. It is a very thought provoking play and the students have done incredibly well in the delivery of this.”