‘Hammy’ the Hamster found in a waste bin

Street cleaner Alan Gregg with Hammy.
Street cleaner Alan Gregg with Hammy.
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The search for the owners of a hamster found abandoned in a Northallerton rubbish bin is on.

Street cleaner Alan Gregg was emptying the bin in Bullamoor Road when he spotted the tiny pet hiding in the bottom.

“He was very frightened but with a bit of coaxing I managed to get him out of the bin and carried him back to the depot,” he said.

“He was quiet at first but now seems very much at home in his new surroundings!”

Staff at the Hambleton District Council depot have named the rodent ‘Hammy’ and were helped out by Northallerton store Pets At Home which has provided a temporary cage.

And now the depot is hoping his owner will come forward to claim the pet.

“We hope he has escaped and there is someone out there looking for him – and not that he has been dumped in the bin,” said Street Scene Manager John Proud.

“But if no-one comes forward in the next few days Hammy will be looking for a new home.”

lIf Hammy belongs to you contact Hambleton District Council on 0845 1211 555.