EU referendum taken by students after debate

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Politically minded students have taken a stance on the in-out referendum about UK membership of the European Union with their own college vote.

Sixth formers at Northallerton School and Sixth Form College voiced their opinions on the UK gaining its independence or remaining part of the EU in a forceful school debate.

Both sides were represented by students with Joe Lambert, 18, presenting the case for the ‘Out’ vote, and Abbie Grange, 17, and Ewan Cameron, 18, fronting the opposing ‘In’ campaign.

Joe, of East Cowton, who organised the event, said: “I wanted to get people talking about the EU referendum so I suggested to our student council that we hold a debate.

“I expected about ten to 12 people to turn up so I was very surprised to see the lecture theatre full of 60 or more students and staff.

“I think a lot of people are interested in what happens with the EU vote and it was important that everyone got to hear both sides of the argument.”

Leading the BREXIT vote to stop Europe ruling Britannia Joe voiced his opinions on issues including immigration, trade and commerce, importation duty and sovereignty.

“Britain needs to regain its independence,” he argued. “The fact is that people who dictate our laws in Brussels are not elected by us and we do not have any power to remove them.”

Abbie, of West Rounton, who is hoping to study economics and management at university, voiced that the UK needed to stay within the EU to protect its economy and trade markets with Europe.

“If we left the European Union then we would still have to abide by their laws but we would not be at the table to decide upon them,” she said.

The result of the student vote was announced by history teacher Andrew Stacey-Chapman, who chaired the lunchtime debate, with a narrow win for the In campaign.

To see more of Northallerton School and Sixth Form College EU debate, log on to You Tube This house believes that Britain should leave the European Union.

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