Dog mess woe in Melmerby

Dog waste bin on Wobeck Lane, Melmerby.  (130417M4a)
Dog waste bin on Wobeck Lane, Melmerby. (130417M4a)
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A frustrated villager near Ripon is crying foul over the amount of dog mess in his area, saying the council should do more to clear it up.

Martin Davies, 46, who lives in Melmerby, said Harrogate Borough Council should launch a similar scheme to their Flag and Bag event, used in Ripon in January, to help tackle dog poo in the village.

“It’s an issue which Melmerby Parish Council has certainly raised with Harrogate Borough Council,” Mr Davies, choir master for the ringers at Ripon Cathedral, told the Gazette.

“Lots of schoolchildren are out on the streets, especially at the bus stop near the village hall where there is lots of dog mess. It’s a safety issue because kids are willing to put their fingers in all sorts.”

In a tweet responding to a Ripon resident praising the amount of new dog fouling stickers round Clotherholme Road in Ripon, after an extensive Flag and Bag dog mess clean-up operation in the city, Mr Davies said: “Can we have some in Melmerby? Our pavements are disgusting!

“I have a dog and pick up, [I] cannot understand those who don’t.”

Mr Davies, proud owner of a springer spaniel called Meg, said: “We have the responsibility as dog owners and there are enough dog bins around 
the village so there is no excuse.”

A spokesman for Harrogate Borough Council told the Gazette: “We have only had one complaint from Melmerby this year, and the last one before that was in 2009.

“The parish council can do its own Flag and Bag events and we can work with them by providing poo bags and advice.”