Concern over 20mph zones

The roads could see their speed limits cut to 20mph
The roads could see their speed limits cut to 20mph

Harewood Ward Councillor Matthew Robinson last week welcomed the planned introduction of 20mph zones in Harewood.

But he said he believes that the location of them should be carefully thought out to ensure they are enforceable and target areas where speeding traffic is an issue.

Coun Robinson said: “We are committed to reducing the amount of speeding traffic and making our roads safer in Harewood Ward. Introducing 20mph zones outside schools and in residential areas makes clear sense, however, some of the proposals for Harewood include country roads and areas where there are very few houses.

“Residents need to understand why the zones are being introduced and it needs to be clear that it will slow traffic for the benefit of the local community. “Where the justification for a speed limit is obvious then they become self-regulating and much more effective.

“We have committed over £10,000 of funding to speed indicator devices to ensure that motorists understand when they are driving too fast and to target enforcement activities in the right places.”

Coun Robinson said he is a keen supporter of road safety and together with ward colleagues has agreed funding of over £10,000 for Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) in villages across Harewood Ward.

However, he also believes that capturing this data from the SIDs is important in informing where 20MPH zones are best located and that a blanket approach would not necessarily work in a rural ward such as Harewood.

As a priority Coun Robinson said he would like to see zones introduced in defined areas outside schools and in residential areas where enforcement of the speed limit is possible, easy to implement and ultimately self-regulating.