Call for urgent work to flood defences

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Tadcaster MP Nigel Adams has held Ministerial talks with the Minister responsible for flooding in Westminster and called for urgent improvements to the town’s flood defences following recent flooding in Tadcaster.

Nigel Adams invited local flood group member David Bewley and North Yorkshire County Councillor with responsibility for funding and flooding issues David Jeffels to meet with Thérese Coffey MP, Minister responsible for floods, water and waterways.

The discussions also involved officials from the Environment Agency and it was agreed that a bid for up to £10million of funding for an improved flood defences schemed would be tabled for the Treasury.

Following the meeting, David Bewley said: “I met the Minister when she visited Tadcaster in August 2017 and was very pleased to have been invited to attend.

“The meeting, which had been requested by Nigel Adams MP, was constructive.

“I was most encouraged by the level of detail discussed and the understanding of the problem.”

Coun David Jeffels added: “I was very pleased to hear from the Flood Minister, Dr Therese Coffey, how much progress had been made between the Government towards funding of a new flood protection scheme for Tadcaster.

“There will still be a need for partner funding and the meeting enables me to move forward and present the case to other organisations to give us a viable way forward.”

Mr Adams added: “It was a very productive meeting and I am hopeful that we now have some momentum towards getting a plan designed, approved and financed,”

Posting on facebook, Tadcaster Flood Action Group said they would be continuing to work for the best interests of the town and would continue to monitor the river.

“The project will take sometime to get into gear, but we can say the discussions are happening, Tadcaster is being talked about at Government level.”