WATCH: Rossett School students sample Far Eastern culture

Students at Rossett School in Harrogate spent a day sampling far Eastern art, including Japanese silk painting, Taiko drumming and Chinese calligraphy.

They also learned to focus their Qi (inner energy) in the Lishi martial arts workshops, while Phoenix Dance – part of Northern Ballet – visited the school to help students prepare dance pieces based on the story of Madame Butterfly.

Image supplied

Image supplied

Music teacher Rob Durbin said: “It was a fantastic day with lots of different activities going on around the school.

“As well as offering a day of fun activities, we hope it will have led some students to consider taking up a new hobby or trying different things more often. Education isn’t just about passing exams, but about broadening horizons and helping students to uncover their talents.”

Student Harvey Goddard said: “My personal favourite was the chi in which we learned to master our inner power when put to the test. We participated in a technique called the unbending arm, where we had to try our utmost not to bend our arm while our partner had to do the complete opposite.

“All in all, it was a great day.”

Emily Whitaker added: “I thought arts activity day was great fun because we did lots of cool things that we’d not done before.

“My favourite thing was the silk painting because it was really fun and you had something to take home at the end of it. We used the silk paints to make different effects by blending them together, and put salt on to make patterns in the paint.

“The drumming was also good because it was a really active session and we learned something new.”

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