Thirsk School’s achievement night

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Thirsk School and Sixth Form College hosted its Celebration of Achievement Evening.

Students, staff and parents were joined by invited guests who included chairman of governors, Graham Cressey and President of Thirsk Rotary, Malcolm Sollitt in the school hall.

 In his speech headteacher Mr Mason said it was a celbration of academic endeavour and success.

“I would, however, ask you to judge the success of our students and of the school not by the certificates which are awarded but by the young people who come up to collect them,” he said.

“They have walked out of this school not only as our very best advertisement, but also as a cohort of young people who will make such a positive difference in all sorts of fields, whether it be at work, within their community, at local, national or international level, or within the circle of their families and friends.”

In 2011 the school’s A level pass rate was 95 percent, with 30 percent of all grades being A* orA, 70 percent were at A*-C.

The headteacher said these results are testimony to the students’ focus and support for one another during their time at the school.

Among a number of awards from subject teachers, tutors and pastoral leaders there was also the William Bird Community Plate presented to last year’s Head Boy and Head Girl, Tim Clark and Liza Makin, and the prestigious Shield of Endeavour which was awarded to Lizzy Baird.

The award winners were:Claire Ungley, Art & Design. Emily Beachill, Biology. Kirsty Lee, Business Studies. Keeley Lassey, Applied Business Studies. Adam Carnall, Chemistry. Georgina Humphreys, English Language. Chloe Malkin, English Literature. Louisa Jamieson, French. Andrew Davison, Geography. Claire Ungley, German. Eleanor Shorrocks, Health & Social Care. Claire Ungley, History. Rachel Wong, ICT. Ben Elders, Maths. Katie Wadsworth, Music. Richard Periam, Physical Education.Leanne Hodgson, BTEC Sport. Adam Carnall, Physics. Alex Humphries, Religious Studies.Natasha Calvert, Theatre Studies. Alex Humphries, Drama Performance Shield. Lukas Jones, Drama Performance Shield. Claire Ungley, Contribution to College Life. Adam Carnall, Contribution to College Life. Alex Humphries, Contribution to College Life. Connor McCarthy,Contribution to College Life. Natasha Calvert, Contribution to College Life.Tim Clark, William Bird Community Plate. Liza Makin, William Bird Community Plate. Connor McCarthy, 13 HP Award (Tutor Award). Amy Brown, 13 ST Award (Tutor Award). Adam Carnall, 13 AVB Award (Tutor Award). Kirsty Lee, 13 NS Award (Tutor Award).Lizzy Baird, Outstanding Academic Achievement.Emily Beachill, Outstanding Academic Achievement.Adam Carnall, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Robin Cook, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Andrew Davison, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Ben Elders, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Louisa Jamieson, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Claire Ungley, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Katie Wadsworth, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Joe Jordan, Outstanding Academic Achievement. Emma Wilson, Significant Personal Achievement. Holly Beadle, Significant Personal Achievement. Rachel Campbell, Significant Personal Achievement. Tim Clark, Significant Personal Achievement. Sam Dickinson, Significant Personal Achievement. Dan Easton, Significant Personal Achievement. Yvette English, Significant Personal Achievement. Keeley Lassey, Significant Personal Achievement. Eleanor Shorrocks, Significant Personal Achievement.Megan Wernyj, Significant Personal Achievement. Lizzy Baird, Shield of Endeavour. Connor McCarthy, World Challenge Expedition to Thailand and Laos. Chloe Warnock, World Challenge Expedition to Thailand and Laos. Megan Wernyj, World Challenge Expedition to Thailand and Laos. Patrick Schillinger, World Challenge Expedition to Thailand and Laos. Richard Periam, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Sam Dickinson, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Ben Elders, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Simon Parker, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Emily Taylor, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Jonathan Barton, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. James Laking, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Katie Wadsworth, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Chloe Warnock, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Megan Wernyj, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Ellie Wilkinson, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Nichola Young, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant. Connor McCarthy, Duke of Edinburgh Award Participant.