Teaching staff in the Swim for twin toilets

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Four adventurous members Goldsborough Primary School teaching staff are going round the U-bend for the Great North Swim in June.

The team will take on the watery challenge in Lake Windermere as part of an entrepreneurial project to raise money to “twin” school toilets.

Many primary schools lack basic sanitation and the Toilet Twinning charity allows children who have toilets to support those without.

The children have been studying the importance of money-budgeting for essentials, spending on enriching things when possible and putting back into the community. Class three has raised nearly £200 so far.

Debbie Handslip, the project coordinator, said: “They initially had to raise £5 through hard work such as ironing, car washing, dog walking and using talents such as music recitals.”

“The children brilliantly put this money to work, for example they bought ingredients for cakes to make and sell in their Gold Market, making the £5 grow.

To sponsor the staff, visit the Goldsborough Splashers Virgin Money page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/goldsboroughsplashers