Puppet creators put on a show

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What do Noddy, Usain Bolt and an undercover secret agent have in common?

The answer is a puppet show devised by talented pupils at Harrogate prep school Belmont Grosvenor.

Year 6 pupils worked across the curriculum to create a collection of marionettes, including Usain Bolt, Noddy and a secret agent - using wood, clay, fabric, wool and other materials.

And to celebrate their achievements, the pupils wrote and staged a puppet show for fellow pupils and parents at the school at Swarcliffe Hall, Birstwith.

Teacher John McDonald says he never ceases to be amazed by the pupils’ imagination, and creativity for the annual project.

“We have an incredible array of puppets created by the students – from Usain Bolt and Noddy to The Simpsons, a blushing bride and a space rocket,” said Mr


“The pupils have created the puppets from scratch, coming up with the ideas, making the frames and costumes, and ensuring the strings and weights were

correct so they moved properly.

“They have worked extremely hard across the entire curriculum, writing the script in English, creating the set in Art and devising the soundtrack and special effects in DT.

“It was a delight to watch.”

Pupils Holly Lindley, Libby Wilson and Dan Morrell, who created Usain Bolt, Noddy and a secret agent puppet, said they had really enjoyed creating their marionettes.

“It has been a really fun project – and we have learnt an awful lot of different skills. And putting on the puppet show to parents was great,” they said.