Pupils learn axe throwing technique in school lessons

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It’s not every day that you have axe-tra curricular activities as unique as axe throwing but that is the latest offering from Cundall Manor School.

Pupils are being taught in their enrichment sessions just what it takes to become an axe-pert axe thrower.

Head of Department for Form 1-4 Stuart Bayne is leading the sessions, which are fully controlled, and explained: “This is just one of a huge number of engaging and enjoyable enrichment activities on offer at Cundall.

“We know how important it is to give our pupils a wide curriculum and this is something fun that they can enjoy.”

An experienced Scout leader, and a member of the UK Knife, Axe and Tomohawk Association (KATTA), who counts axe throwing, balloon artistry and jewellery making among his hobbies, Stuart is looking at passing on some of the skills he enjoys down to the children.

He added: “Axe throwing is something that has really interested our pupils who have signed up.

“They go home knowing that this is something that they probably wouldn’t get anywhere else.”