Pupils help others learn science

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Children with learning difficulties have been getting to grips with science with the help of Allertonshire School students.

Pupils from specialist The Dales School in Morton-on-Swale spent the morning in the science labs at Allertonshire School, Northallerton.

Six students with profound disabilities from The Dales School took part in the initiative designed to boost learning for students of both schools.

Allertonshire School students helped children with different abilities tackle experiments in the science lab and in return developed their own skills of working with others.

Key stage three teacher from The Dales School Carolyn Roberts said: “It has been great on a variety of levels.

“It allowed our students to mix with their peers in a safe environment with plenty of people around.

“On top of the social aspect, they benefited from modelling behaviour; they saw how the Allertonshire School pupils worked in the lab and how to operate the equipment.

“We really noticed how good the pupils were with our children and I think it has helped them develop patience to help our students engage with their studies.”

Allertonshire School science teacher Patricia Green added: “It has worked extremely well and it has been really good to see our year 8 students interacting with children of different abilities.”

Allertonshire School student 12-year-old Jamie Woodburn helped 12-year-old Christopher Farmer from The Dales School with an experiment in the lab.

He said: “I have really enjoyed the session, helping the students feel things used in the experiments.

“It makes you feel really good about yourself helping other students enjoy themselves.”

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