Police talk internet safety at Harrogate schools

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Editorial image

Police have joined forces with children’s services and local schools to hammer home a message about internet safety for young people.

The special day of action, on Tuesday, saw PCs and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) visit schools across the Harrogate district to talk about ways to stay safe online.

It was followed by a series of special events in the district, all as part of a wider Safer Internet Day.

“The internet is a key part of the everyday life of children and young people across the country,” said Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy, of North Yorkshire Police.

“However, they can sometimes put themselves at risk as they are not always aware of the dangers of the information they give out.”

The aim of the day was to encouraging young people to be kind online, calling on educators, parents and guardians to help by equipping young people with the right digital skills.

It also looked to raise awareness of some of the dangers online, including bullying, innapropriate sharing of photos and videos, online scams, malware, viruses, and hacking.

As well as school visits, there were Facebook sessio’ns, constant tweets and alerts through the day, and a special police web app was launched to protect phones and tablets.

The day of action was followed with a day at the force headquarters, which gave young people the opportunity to pitch ideas to experts from childrens’ services, health, education, the voluntary sector and local councillors.