New chocolate twist on languages day

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A recent visit from two local chocolate experts proved incredibly popular for youngsters from Cundall Manor School.

Claire King and Scarlett Latham from York Cocoa House gave a masterclass in chocolate making much to the delight of pupils at the school near Thirsk.

The special guests delivered a masterclass and presentation which explored the story of chocolate and its journey to becoming the world’s favourite sweet treat. The event was all part of the school’s annual languages day, a celebration of all things multi-cultural, this year taking on a particularly food orientated theme.

Children then enjoyed a chocolate lolly making tutorial in their forms before sampling a wide variety of world cuisine and heard about pre-Colombian art and saw a video on the Inca lands of gold.

Claire King, from the York Cocoa House said: “Workshops like this are a great way for children to experience what it takes to make chocolate. We showed them how to temper chocolate and assisted with the lolly making.

She added: “It was great to see the children ask relevant questions and that they have clearly gone away having learnt something but also with a solid tangible product which they will enjoy.”

The school’s language day also saw prizes for the best dressed pupil with a wide range of entries taking in inspiration from far and wide.

Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Cundall Manor School, Katy Hunzinger, helped organise the event.

She said: “The outfits were splendid to see. So much colour and innovation on show.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and made the day so special.”

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