MP helps Harrogate student with homework

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A star-struck student from Harrogate had the surprise of her life when the district MP turned up on her doorstep to help with her geography homework.

Young Mia Sampson, 10, had been writing a pretend article based on Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones when his Conservative canvassers knocked on her door.

When her mum explained what Mia was doing they disappeared - only to return five minutes later with Mr Jones himself, who sat down to help with her school project.

“He was really nice,” said Mia. “I think I would like him.”

Mia, a student at Western Primary School, had picked her geography homework from a list of options on the school board.

The one she chose to work on involved writing a pretend newspaper article after an earthquake hit parts of Harrogate.

“We started by reading a couple of articles,” said her mum Claire.

“So we got the Advertiser out, and decided what to do and how to do it.

“She pretended there had been an earthquake which particularly affected Cornwall Road. The Royal Hall was also badly hit.

“She’d written eye witness accounts, and I suggested she quote the Mayor or the MP as well.”

As they sat down to start writing, the doorbell went.

“It was one of the Conservative members canvassing the area, asking if we had any concerns,” said Mrs Sampson, of Firs Crescent.

“I said it was fortunate timing, and told him what we’d been doing.

“He went away, and came back five minutes later with Andrew Jones.”

Mrs Sampson said Mia was delighted, although a little shy, when Mr Jones knocked on the door.

‘“I can answer your questions now, if you’d like,’ he told her,” said Mrs Sampson.

“He said his first concern would be for the safety of residents, particularly the elderly in that area.

“She was a bit star-struck really.

“She was looking at him in the paper, and then there he was on the doorstep.

“It’s really good for her - it’s made her homework so much more exciting, although she’s not handing it in until next Monday.”

Mia says Mr Jones was really nice and friendly, adding that she was glad he stopped by to help.

“At first I didn’t know what an MP was,” she said.

“But then my mum said ‘oh my gosh he’s here’.”

She said Mr Jones was really helpful in answering her questions about what he would do during an earthquake, and how Harrogate would cope.

“He was really good,” she said.

“I had written this bit about him going for a coffee, and he made me take that out.

“He said he wouldn’t have done that in an earthquake.

“He was really nice.”