Harrogate students win Amnesty awards

Rossett students with amnesty award. (S)
Rossett students with amnesty award. (S)

A group of Rossett students has won the Amnesty International Most Effective Fundraiser Youth Award.

Amnesty’s Youth Awards celebrate young people who creatively interpret a human rights topic through reporting, photography, song-writing and performing, fundraising, and campaigning.

Members of Rossett Amnesty organised an overnight vigil to raise money and highlight the impact of war in Syria.

More than 80 students from years 7 and 8 were sponsored to stay up all night creating posters and tweeting message of solidarity for Syrian people.

They organised activities throughout the night to try and keep students awake, including star jumps at 3am.

From their group Samantha Williams and Peter Jones collected the award.

Headteacher Helen Woodcock said: “We are exceptionally proud to have been chosen as the winner of this award.

“The Stay Awake for Syria was a particularly effective event which got lots of students involved and made us all think about the importance of showing solidarity with people who are being persecuted or living in very difficult situations. I’m thrilled that it has been recognised on a national level.”