Harrogate students awarded for excellent results

St John Fisher school prizewinners 2014.
St John Fisher school prizewinners 2014.

Certificates, trophies, and awards have been given to students achieving excellent results at St John Fisher Catholic High School.

Chief executive of Harrogate International Festivals Sharon Canavar was on hand as guest speaker to present the awards, and she spent time to urge the students to work hard and enjoy life.

She congratulated the school on its well-established local and national reputation in performing arts.

“I feel immensely privileged to be involved in Harrogate’s amazing range of festivals; meeting already established stars of the literary and performing arts worlds,” she said.

At the same time she reminded students that famous people all had to begin somewhere, and that students should be positive and follow the path they have chosen.

At the event, headteacher Rob Pritchard paid tribute to his predecessor Paul Jackson, thanking him for his years of service and legacy.

He also acknowledged that the summer exam results had placed St John Fisher in the Daily Telegraph’s top 30 nonselective schools in the country.

2014 has also seen the school reach the top 30 schools in the country for the quality and range of sporting opportunities on offer.

Mr Pritchard did, however, urge parents to back the school’s bid to bring its buildings and sites ‘up to the standards which North Yorkshire has created for its other schools in our area’.

He said: “Both I and the governors are determined the school should be treated fairly by both North Yorkshire County Council and the Diocese of Leeds. The time has come.”

Prize winners

Year 7, Religious Education, Freya Devine; English, Sofia Doulou; Mathematics, Noah Spencer; Science, Matthew O’Connor; French, Sarah Flannery; History, Daniel Tunstall; Geography, Finn Mcfadden; Music, Daniel Tunstall; Art, Annica Kitching; Physical Education, Molly Bridson; Drama, Sophie Bradbury; Technology, Mary Windle; Dance, Dominique Mcintyre; ICT, Annica Kitching; Citizenship, Mary Windle; Most Improved Student, Leon Milner.

Year 8, Religious Education, Matthew Lambert; English, George Asbury; Mathematics, Gwyn Owen; Science, Mateusz Taczek; French, Eimear Griffin; History, Olivia Cook; Geography, Gwyn Owen; Music, Charlotte Krier; Art, Anthony Salomon; Physical Education, Robert White; Drama, Jonathan Cunningham; Technology, Dulcie Spencer; Dance, Lorna Gaffney; ICT, Nicola Chmura; Most Improved Student, Niamh Fenlon;

Year 9, Religious Education, Mariela Dimaliwat; English, Alex Gartland; Mathematics, Chara Munt; Science, Maya Mellor; French, Louis Remington; History, Orla O’Connor; Geography, Maya Mellor; Music, Joshua Rowe; Art, Nicholas Bennett; Physical Education, Rebecca Wharton; Drama, Ailis Lydon; Technology (Electronic Products), Caroline Cronin; Technology (Product Design), Harry Kinnear; Technology (Engineering), Joshua Reynolds; Technology (Food), Mariela Dimaliwat; Technology (Textiles), Imogene Higham; Dance, Katie Holroyd; ICT, Louis Remington; Media, Samuel Saxby; Health & Social Care, Lucy Root; Business Studies, Anna Budrewicz; Btec Business, Ellen Armstrong; Spanish, Lucy Dean; Citizenship, Sabryna Scornaienchi; Most Improved Student, Jack Pettitt.

Year 10, Religious Education, Jeevan Mulamoottil; English, Claudia Pereira; Mathematics, William Jones; Numeracy, Juliet Taylor; Science, Thomas Bouchard; French, Joseph Mckernan; History, Phoebe Crawford; Geography Ruby Kremer; Music, Lucy Prenton; Art, Claudia-Anne Mossman; Physical Education, Jack Oultram; Drama, Rachel Wade; Technology (Electronic Products), Grisha Hushchyn; Technology (Product Design), Yzabelle Bostyn; Technology (Engineering), Matthew Hope; Technology (Food), Sophie Wilkinson; Technology (Textiles), Grace Hillerby; Dance, Sarah Cunningham; ICT, Jonathan O’Neill; Media, Zelma Ahmed; Health & Social Care, Mia Starr; Business Studies, Georgina Donaghy; Btec Business, Rebecca Wallace; Spanish, Rachel Wade; Most Improved Student, Richard Buckthorpe.

Year Heads’ Prize For Overall Effort And Achievement 2014, Year 7, Finn McFadden, Molly Bridson; Year 8, Eimear Griffin, William Pritchard; Year 9, Lucy Dean, George Widdows; Year 10, Phoebe Crawford, Alexander Horsfall.

Governors’ Prizes: GCE A level, Dominic Anstey; GCSE, Benjamin Wharton.

Headteacher’s Prizes: GCE A level, Matthew Mckernan, Daniel Bouchard, Emma Megarry, Robert Turnbull, Teah Bateman; Applied A level, Chloe Miller; GCSE, Jack McCready, Ruairi Berry.

St John Fisher Association Prize For Community Service, Joshua Burton; The Vincent Mcnicholas Prize For Contributions To The Arts, Matthew McKernan; The Terry Keelan Prize For Outstanding Personal Attainment, Megan Gough; Noel Lally Memorial Prize For Science, Joanna Stephenson; Most Improved Student Of The Year, Daniella Brizzolara; The Charles Seaver Cup For English Language, James Megarry; The Brenda O’hara Memorial Prize For Special Achievement In Drama, Luke Mansfield; The Karen Hughes Memorial Award For Contribution To School And Community, Kurtis Murphy; The Vicky Ward Memorial Prize For Languages, Emma Guilder (Awarded For Spanish); The Glyndwr Matthias Prize For English Literature, Ronan Cain, Emma Dixon; Memorial Prize For Art, Kate Atkinson; Knights Of St Columba Award For Religious Studies, Luke Mansfield; Cathleen Brunt Memorial Prize For Maths, Emma Megarry (Most Progress); Outstanding Achievement In French, Isabella Walsh; Prize For Psychology, Emily Mansfield; The Ridley Prize For Musician Of The Year, Joshua Burton; The Maxine Thomas Award For Outstanding Achievement In Dance, Isabelle Kirk; Health & Social Care, Zoe Ryan; Peer Listener, Ellen Millar; Prize For Maths, Rhiannon Lyon (Highest Achievement); The Mary Rogerson Humanities Prize, Kiera Beech; The Sheila Ambler Award For Outstanding Contribution To Faith Life Of The School, Shannon O’Hara;.

Awards For Sports: Footballer Of The Year Boys, Dominic Tear; Footballer Of The Year Girls, Lauryn Colman; Rugby Player Of The Year, John Breen; Netballer Of The Year, Isabel Forbes; Boys Cross Country Runner Of The Year, Benjamin Pye; Girls Cross Country Runner Of The Year, Jasmin Lawrance; Tennis Player Of The Year, Mason Sheridan-Hawley; Table Tennis Player Of The Year, Elliott Marks; Cricketer Of The Year, Alex Ward; Boys Sports Leader Of The Year, Jordan Prideaux; Girls Sports Leader Of The Year, Marie Tolan; Athlete Of The Year, Jacob Fincham-Dukes; Pe Effort & Achievement Award, Emma Guilder; Team Of The Year, Junior Boys Cross Country Team (Thomas Dudley); Sportsperson Of The Year, Gregory Moodie.